What Equipment Does an Air Duct Repair Company Use?

When it comes to air duct repair, it's essential to understand the type of equipment used. Classification 4, 8 (2), and 75 compressed air whips, blowguns, and air patterns are commonly employed inside ducts that can tolerate more aggressive cleaning techniques. These tools are used to clean and repair ducts of various shapes and sizes. Manual seamstresses are used to fix square-shaped ducts.

These pliers are utilized to bend deformed areas to fit and mend the ducts. Turbo scissors, which are similar to regular or garden scissors, are employed for cutting. These high-powered scissors connect to a cordless drill and are used to cut ducts quickly and efficiently. At The K Company, we use special equipment to locate leaks. This equipment pressurizes ducts and calculates air loss, allowing us to detect air leaks in other areas of your home, such as windows and doors.

We can also seal the air ducts and insulate them, making you more comfortable and possibly lowering your heating and air conditioning bills. Recognizing signs of air duct damage can help you decide when it's time to call experts. Compressed air whips, blowguns, and air patterns are often used inside ducts, which enable more aggressive cleaning techniques to be employed. The average home loses 20 to 30 percent of its air conditioning due to poorly connected ducts and broken ducts. The tests help determine if sealing and repairing is the best approach or if replacing the ducts is a better solution. In addition to vacuums, hoses, and air compressors, duct cleaning also requires the use of tools to repair faulty ducts or broken units.

To do this, a duct ripper is placed against the ducts and hammered until a hole is made large enough to place the hose. Square-shaped ducts can be repaired with manual seamstresses, which are used to bend deformed areas to adjust and fix them. It also helps to ensure proper air balance, thus reducing the risk of contaminants entering ducts and circulating throughout the building. These include a reciprocating saw blade, manual seamstresses, presses, duct ripers, vacuums, hoses, air compressors, and the HVAC Duct Calculation Application ServiceTitan. Tips include keeping the distance between the air conditioner and the ventilation grilles as small as possible, designing the ducts to be as short as possible,and talking about the ducts.

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